Terms Of Use

Please use the following URL, or the URL of the Garv Store, on all creations:  http://garvgraphx.com

(You may use "www" as well since it also leads to the aforementioned website.  Either display is fine.)

Please use the following URL for all creations using Bella Marie's artwork:


(You will also use your "KG" license number for all Bella Marie art creations.  Terms of Use for Keith Garvey's art also applies to Bella Marie's art with exception to artist name and link.)

The free tubes located in this store can be used without restriction - meaning you do NOT have to display a license on your creations.  If you want to, you can, but it is not mandatory.  It is appreciated, however, if the artist receives acknowledgement.

Click Here to download Terms of Use - Spanish Version

Click Here to download Terms of Use - French Version

Click Here to download Terms of Use - Dutch Version



1.  Tubes may be used in website layouts and designs.  They may be used on websites where donation buttons are present.  They may NOT be used on any website STORE displays that sells tubes or other digital imagery.

2.  Tubes may be used in scrap kits that are sold for PERSONAL USE only, not commercial (resell).  They may NOT be used in free to use scrap kits.  Only ONE commercial use tube may be used at a time in a scrap kit creation.

3.  Tubes may NOT be resold individually or as part of a collection of tubes or commercial images.

4.  Tubes may NOT be shared, sized up or altered in any way.

5.  Commercial Use Tubes requires the purchaser to provide proper credit and a link to the store for a tube being used in a personal use scrap kit.




1. Tubes are for online use only.

2. Tubes may not be sold, traded/shared or used for profit or commercial use.

3. Images may not be upsized; they may be downsized.  All images released prior to March 2016 are size 625 pixels on the longest side.  From March 2016 to December 2017 all images are size 675 pixels.  Beginning January 2018 images have reached their final upgrade of 700 pixels on the longest side.  As "Weekly Bargains" come around, images are edited and raised to size 700 pixels.

4. All creations with tubes must display Keith Garvey's copyright information (name and website link) as well as your license number.  Creations may NOT contain more than one copyright symbol, only Mr. Garvey's.

5. You may use only the Keith Garvey images you purchase. Purchasing an image and acquiring a license does not give you unlimited access to all images, only to those you have directly purchased.

6. Creations using tubes may not be "blank" and the appropriate copyright credits and license numbers are required on each creation. A shared creation must have text on it (names, quotes for "extras", etc.). Websets, calendars, blog layouts, Facebook Timeline Covers and desktop backgrounds are allowed. Appropriate copyright information, including your license number, must be given within the credits.  Avatars must contain all copyright information and be may any size you wish, so long as it isn't considered "blank" - must display your name and/or a quote, etc.  Facebook Timeline Covers must display all copyright information (except URL due to Facebook policies), however, just as with any shared personal creation, they may not be blank.  ALL CREATIONS must contain names or wording/quotes.

7. Certain elements of the tubes, such as clothing and jewelry, may be sparkled or glittered. Borders, lettering, names, etc. may be added and animated, to enhance the main image.  You may NOT alter any image by removing parts, coloring parts, or any other alteration which greatly changes the image as a whole.

a) ANIMATION: eyes may blink and hair may move. Only Keith Garvey's "toons" and Rated R images may be fully animated without restriction.

b) COLORING: You may convert the image to grayscale or colorize an image all one color to match the tag (sepia, monotone, etc.).

8. Keith Garvey tubes may not be mixed with another artist's tubes.

9. ELEMENTS: You may place elements over nude parts of rated R images. You may not add clothing, wings, halos, etc. to the original art as this is considered alteration.

10. Stock photography may be used in any creation displaying Keith Garvey artwork. When combining art with stock photographs, you must display copyright information like this: Photograph by "Photographer Name" Usage of your own photography in creations is permitted. When combining Keith Garvey tubes and your own photography, you must display copyright information like stated above. When using digital scrapbooking kits, no copyright symbol may be used in conjunction with Keith Garvey copyright information.

11. You may create tutorials using Keith Garvey tubes. You may not offer your licensed tube for download for any tutorial written and shared.

12. Donation buttons placed on group communities and websites are permitted so long as donations are for the upkeep of the community/site itself (removal of banners and pop-up ads). Donation buttons may not be for personal or professional commercial services.

13. Keith Garvey will not honor refunds for tube purchases. If you double purchase (meaning accidentally purchasing two or more of any tube) then provide customer service with your receipt(s) and we will replace the duplicate(s) with another tube of your choice.

14. Keith Garvey reserves the right to amend, change or update the Terms of Use at any given time.

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