Good Faith License Exchange

For those wishing to do an exchange - We will not be providing tube exchanges. Because Keith Garvey's art has been at various companies in the past, we are going to trust you with your current Keith Garvey purchased artwork and assign you a brand new "KG" license number to replace any current license number you may hold for Keith Garvey artworks (GILD/MPT/PTE).  However, it is urged that you save any and all previous purchase receipts just in case your account/license ever comes into question.

However, in no way do you have to replace any current numbers as those numbers previously assigned to you are good for life. To use new artwork (released only at this website, never anywhere else) purchased from Keith Garvey's store, you will need a "KG" license number to display on those creations. If you do not write in to obtain a new "KG" license number and wish to continue to use a previously assigned license number, any new artwork purchased from Keith Garvey's store must not be showcased on a creation using an old license number (GILD/MPT/PTE).

**Please register at the site in order to obtain a new "KG" license.

For all correspondence regarding licenses, and to request one, please contact Customer Service (see "Contact Us" page).

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