When checking out using your credit/debit card, please remember to click the "RETURN TO MERCHANT SITE" link or your order will not process immediately.

Images released before March 2016 are size 625 pixels on the longest side.  Images released from March 2016 through December 2017 are size 675 pixels on the longest side.  January 2018 images have been raised to their final size of 700 pixels on the longest side.

(As "Weekly Bargain" tubes are released, they are edited to the current largest size.)

1. Will I receive a license number for purchasing from Keith Garvey's store?

Please see the "Licenses" page at the top of the website for all information pertaining to licenses.

2. Can I share my license/tubes with a friend or family member?

Yes, so long as you live within the same household.  Please provide proof in the form of a scanned piece of mail (any mail) showing each person's name.

3. What do I do if I have not received my order?

If you have not received your order, contact Customer Service.

4. Can I place a snail mail order or email in a manual order?

No. All orders must be placed through Keith Garvey's store only. No orders are processed manually.

5. I have not received a response from customer service. How long does it take?

Customer Service responses can take up to 24 hours depending on volume of email received. If it has been longer than 24 hours, please assume that it was not received and resend your email.  Take into account that Keith Garvey's store is located within the United States and hours will vary.  Customer Service is closed on Sundays and all major United States holidays.

6. Is my private information always secure?

Yes. All transactions are secure through both our server and through PayPal.

7. What if I am interested in a commissioned artwork?

We will notify Keith Garvey of your interest and/or provide you with his email address.

8. What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card payments and PayPal.

9. I lost all of my tubes. How can I get them back again?

Save your receipts! In the event that your computer crashes and you lose your purchases, please contact Customer Service and provide them with any and all information relevant to your purchases (not images received as free or gifts). If you have suffered lost purchases from companies where Mr. Garvey has sold in the past, we can replace those images for you only if you provide receipts.

10. I would like to claim a bonus tube. How long do I have from the date of the receipt I want to use to redeem it?

Two weeks from the date that you made the purchase. The only exception is if the bonus tube is a recent release, meaning it was not available on the site at the time of original purchase.

11. I would like to claim free items from a special sale or event.  How long do I have from the date of special to claim?

48 hours from the date you made the purchase.

12. How do I report copyright abuse?

We take copyright abuse seriously and encourage reporting any abuse seen. All reports are strictly confidential. You may report abuse by contacting Customer Service.

13.  I was given a gift certificate by a friend.  How long do I have to redeem it?

Three months from the date of email from customer service then the monies for the certificate revert back to the person who purchased it.

14. I previously purchased Keith Garvey's tubes from PSP Tubes Emporium, My PSP Tubes or GILD - can I continue to use my current license number with them?

Yes. The license numbers you received from these companies are good for life.

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