Birthday Club

Please email customer service proof of your birth-date (social media information, driver license, etc.).  Please BLUR or BLACK OUT all private information.  We only need to see your name and your birth-date.  We will then add you to our birthday list and contact you on your birthday.

Customer Service Email:

1.  You will be contacted at your in-store email ONLY.

2.  You will have one (1) week to respond for your gift from the date of our email to you.  No exceptions.

3.  Gifts are non-transferable, they are for yourself only and cannot be gifted to anyone else.

4.  Recipients must have made a purchase from the store within three (3) months of their birthday to qualify for a free gift.

5.  Once we have your birthday on file, there is nothing more for you to do.  We will contact you on your special day.

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